A little bit of ART

Heeey!!! How`s life?

I guess I`m not the only one who once has seen something and then it all just disappeared, faded… Without knowing anything, even the name of it. But this something stayed in my mind like forever and became unseparable part of my peace of mind. But as for me, I couldn`t find any peace at all… I guess you have felt that before… Maybe you have heard a song and couldn`t really catch the lyrics, seen a film without knowing it`s title or the name of main actor… Oooooooh… Bad feeling… Kind of hurts!..

Okay… Now in details… Once I`ve seen a beautiful painting in my Art book while studying it at the lesson and I was so impressed by it. Then I finished that book and forgot where I put it. Maybe I gave to some other people. I don`t know. And after that I kept thinking about that painting.

Days drag on…

I went to the doctor some days ago and suddenly saw a painting on the wall. The same one I saw in the book. Oh my god!!!! And you know, you might be thinking this is nothing but if this something really bothers you inside.. All you can think about how bad you need to find it out…As soon as possible. So when I finally found that picture again I decided to win at all cost! And when got home I typed “Russian painters” on google. (Because I remembered that painter`s last name was russian) And suddenly his painting was on my screeeeeeen!!! Zoomed it and saw “LEONID AFREMOV”. 

So now that I know this painter nothing can stop me from watching his paintings for hours. And now if you are reading this post I want you to see these pictures and enjoyyyy!!!

Just check it up!!! I`m just amazed!!

12-Downpour 17_10_2007_0242713001192570506_leonid_afremov 1925_____leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d3bqsly 2382578 2445893 133463634491 afremov01 afremov2 afremov03 amsterdam___canal___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d54aq97 blue_lights____leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d2xx7y7 cafe_in_paris___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d53olm7 COME_TOGETHER___LEONID_AFREMOV_by_Leonidafremov CORRIDA____LEONID_AFREMOV_by_Leonidafremov dark_moment___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d330g8m FOGGY_MORNING___LEONID_AFREMOV_by_Leonidafremov imaginings___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d2xlzmq img_130119_e5e52f05a62b07b608eda253e7c0db65 Leonid Afremov Tutt'Art@ (21) Leonid_Afremov_ (7) leonid_afremov-other leonid-afremov-0[2] leonid-afremov-4[6] leonid-afremov-10 LIGHTS_OF_HOPE__LEONID_AFREMOV_by_Leonidafremov music_fight___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov night_harbor___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d3il5sq NIGHT_TRANSFORMATION___AFREMOV_by_Leonidafremov orange_day___l__afremov_by_leonidafremov-d37vao7 painting SWEETNESS___LEONID_AFREMOV_by_Leonidafremov the_sky_of_amsterdam___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d54apw1 THREE_FRIENDS__LEONID_AFREMOV_by_Leonidafremov THRILL___LEONID_AFREMOV_by_Leonidafremov WINTER_MOOD___LEONID_AFREMOV_by_Leonidafremov

And all this magic is painted by this amazing and talanted man >>>


I can`t help falling in love with these paintings and I guess Afremov is my favorite modern painter. (My number one favorite painter of ALL TIME is Salvador Dali, of course!)

Annnnd…. I really hope you enjoyed.