“One day you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember.” 


This is the last thing you want to write as the comeback post after having years of pause on the blog. It’s the kind of ending you never want to see. It’s the kind of the news you never want to hear. The kind of story you never want to read.

I started blogging some years ago. I did it because of my sick need to write down my thoughts aloud and to connect. Then I stopped it. But lately I’ve been having a very strong desire to start all over again. The yearning of thinking and writing out loud was too hard to fight against. And I had a million ideas of the posts I would write as a “comeback”. But never a post like this…

I was full of energy and had some good plans for this evening: doing some work stuff, reading a book I bought just yesterday and which I can’t help but go back and read every spare second I find and watch an episode of TV series I have been waiting for the whole week.

But then in a blink of an eye everything changed. I got a message from my best friend, saying: “Did Avicii really die? I have read a terrible post about it” and she sent a link with the caption “EDM star dies at 28″… There is a second of freezing. There is a second of chaos in head. And then there is me visiting google and every single site of Electronic music I trust. And there is the worst feeling that happens in front of your eyes: Wikipedia changes Present into Past. Nothing worse than this can ever happen even in your worst nightmares.

This is my second time losing one of my favorite musicians. The first was Steve Lee of Gotthard, one of my all time favorite bands. He passed 8 years ago and I still hate the 5th of October with every beat of my heart. Now this blood pumping thing can keep April 20th just as well.

Some will say it’s sad that a human died and then they will add that you have to let it go as that person was somebody you’ve never met. EXACTLY. Somebody I will never ever meet even if the worlds collide. And that’s very sad. And, about the first part of their “condolences ” they are always wrong. The people, the musicians, that die are not the people you didn’t know. They are and always will be the people you did know through their music.

Once I was deceived that the lead singer of my all time favorite band died. And, soon enough Jon Bon Jovi himself uploaded a photo where he was holding a note that said: “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey”. There were no words that would ever describe the happiness of the whole Bon Jovi fandom.

And having this experience, I was hoping the rumors about Tim’s death were not true. With the desperate hope I went to every single site of Electronic music, every DJ’s page I know was friends with him, even every single Swedish blogger I remembered, knowing they would say a word about the best DJ in their country. And there were tons of posts coming saying the news about the topic that you have been hoping your whole life no one you know would hear from anyone. Very trustworthy sites claimed the news was true. And I was there with my blind hope it was just another rumor coming from the people who will always disapprove everything.

Then comes some of my favorite DJs like, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and some more. And even Kygo, who is my all time favorite one and whose #1 inspiration was Avicii. And who would probably never have been able to do what he does now if there was no Avicii.

And then there is me, who started listening to EDM music because of Tim Bergling. The first song of him that I heard was Levels and I felt like there wouldn’t be any better caption for this post than this name. Through his music he went up to the incredible levels.

You might meet thousands of people saying the EDM is just music for times when you feel like dancing. I listen to some of other genres of music along with EDM and, trust me, this genre has its brilliant tunes too. And Tim is one of the Djs and producers that have songs with meaningful lyrics.


I am heartbroken and very sad. Shaken by feelings of losing the person I so hoped I would attend the shows of. I feel like I have been writing this post for 15 minutes and it is very long, but I don’t think I can quite express everything through it now. If I’m being honest, there are no words to describe the feeling of losing one of the biggest EDM stars at the age of 28, which makes me feel even worse when I realize how young he was.

If you are reading this and you have been listening to Tim’s music, you know what we all feel now. And if you didn’t really know his songs, you can’t be as sad as we are now. And I am a little bit jealous that if you ever decide to listen to his songs, you will have the whole lot of happiness ahead.

Here are JUST some of the songs I will never be able to forget.

  1. Levels – the very first Avicii song I listened and it has that power, you know, when it takes you back to the places you first listened to them. Winter of 2011.

2. Here is “Hey brother”, which is one of the reasons I actually figured out I wanted to attend EDM shows.  Not even talking about the lyrics. You hear yourself.

3. “Wake me up”. It’s a bit too scary to realize how much I LOVE this song. Summer of 2013 with family and relatives. My cousin and I listened to it nonstop and the summer ended up by us calling it “Our song”. And this song has a true meaning behind it. ❤

4. And the very last song I plan to share with you today is “Somewhere in Stockholm”. It was released in October 2015. (From the album“Stories”). After listening to the album I made up my mind that this was my favorite from this album. Somehow I found very emotional about this song. And in summer 2016 I was lucky enough to visit Sweden and walking down the beautiful Stockholm streets, the song that almost never left my head was exactly this one. I got even more emotions about this song after seeing Stockholm and the Swedish people with my own eyes. It became my favorite city and ever since I have visited some more countries with beautiful cities but none of them replaced Stockholm. And I don’t think anything ever will.

What makes me even more emotional right now is that this is the song I have been listening to extremely often these last days.


Sometimes I am unstoppable when it comes to talking, but this time it ain’t like that.

Being very emotional, I have probably written some things that make no sense and, most likely, I have killed English Grammar with this post of mine. But I don’t care much.

All I care about is that I will never be able to attend the shows of somebody whose music has inspired tons of people around the world and not only that. I will never be taken by surprise of Avicii album dropping, with tons of songs full of happiness with them, just like it has happened before.


Vila i frid, Tim!

One of your songs say “One day you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember.”  And we all know you will be remembered! 💙