I feel kind of sad that this is the last post on this blog… :S :S But happy that I got the chance to have new blog:
It’s going to be a personal blog…
You can visit my new blog and see latest updates of my life and things that I will post there… Mostly about daily life, make-up, cooking, movies, music and so ooon…
I’m waiting for you on my new blog.
And finally I want to say “Thank you” for everything !❤



SO long time no see, I don’t remember the last time I kept so quiet on blog. But everything has reasons. Exams….. YEah, and you just have no idea how happy I am right now when I have just came back from university. I wrote the very last exam of this term todayyyy…. And I feel like, The real summer has just begun for me!

Latest pictures of my life… Huh so sooon right after my cousin’s birthday on the 11th of July I will leave warm Tbilisi for cold Bakuriani❤ Can't wait, really! Planning some things that will lead me to good summer.
What else to say?

Hope you're having good summer days!❤


Favorite Victoria’s Secret Swimsuits

Summer came and sun is shining and it’s so warmmmm… And we plan to go to sea. Everyone needs a bikini for sea. And girls’ favorite brand is Victoria’s Secret, naturalllly… haahha
So, I visited VS site and picked out some favorite swimsuits:








And, this one is my absolute favorite❤❤ :


Was hard to choose some favorites out of so many good swimsuits, you know….


Day with friends Part 1

Today has been an amazing and I’d say pretty much likely COZY day. Because… My brother, friends and I decided to go to the land that we own near Tbilisi. It is 10 minutes riding away from our house and we usually go there when we need to rest and relax and enjoy the view that is magical to me: Sunset, Sea and everything green around. We have some fruits too there. And today what we mostly did was fruit picking and, of course, taking pictures and hanging out. We went there in the evening and were witnesses of a beautiful sunset. From the pictures below you can see fruits we picked today Yuuuuuummmmmy and my favorite views from our land.






Yeah, we are exprets at taking pictures that are ugly and stupid. There you see me and my friend Mary. On the second photo you see me and my brother, Giga. Of, course there had been taken much more photos and videos that I want to upload… A bit later maybe.

Yeah, today I have been at a place that made me feel good. Planning to go there pretty soon. I like this kind of beginning of summer…


For the love of WORLD CUP

Long time no see! I even didn’t tell you how much I am in love with thing that is called WORLD CUP. Ever since Brasilia won it, I have been watching it every time. And in 2010 my favorite National Team (which surprisingly is not my country’s national team… I mean, I love my country, I can call myself pretty much a patriotic person, but football is something I am not patriotic, hehehe) is SPAIN❤ Since 2008 (Started loving it before they won Europe cup)… AND, Naturally now my life only revolves around WORLD CUP event… FOOTBALL FOOTBALL everytimeeee
Yeah, Spain lost last match but I am not nervous, I am more motivated now, they will win, I know!! My guys always wiiiiin!!!
I think I should write one post about Spain team, but later I think…
So, I am waiting the glory – V A M O S ESPANAAAAA!!❤


And, while the match is about to be on my flat tv screen… I need food and drink…😀 And fruit…


And, today we had elections for major of our city and I had to do my obligation and I went and, of course, didn’t miss the chance to take photos… SO me😀


Tomorrow’s exam, but that’s okay… Another 3 exams will be written too. And With a smile on my face, because all the time during the whole month there will be FOOTBALL on TV❤❤ Yaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Anyone else having favorite national team on WORLD CUP???